Themed Teen Portrait Session: Alex! {Sneak Peek}

Themed Sessions: What are they? A Themed Session is a collaboration of creative minds each adding their own little something, the outcome is almost always a surprise! Today we are featuring Alex’s Themed Session sneak peek!! And it makes me very excited!! ❤ Alex loved the moodiness of the steam punk looks…that was all we needed and we ran with it. For her session we brought together the creative talents of Gina Tarbell of  Gina Tarbell Artistry for hair and makeup and the one and only pixie Amy Sokol of FUNK A’ TURE for all the wonderful sets and backdrops!!! Thank you ladies for your time and talent! We will be sharing more about our awesome partners when we highlight this session, for now; enjoy this visual delight!

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Amber J Teens


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2 thoughts on “Themed Teen Portrait Session: Alex! {Sneak Peek}

  1. Hi, we know and love Alex, as she is adored by my daughter. I was wondering what services you offer for kids, my daughter is 8 years old and loves this idea.


    • Hi Robin, we love Alex too! Yes, we do have a children’s program. All of the new programs will start in Jan. If I could ask you to please o to our contact me page and fill out the form there that would be great! You will be one of the first to know when the new program launches! 😉 Cheers! Shelly


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