A Little Behind The Scenes Fun {Girls of Summer}

We had such a blast with this shoot and behind the scenes are some of my favorites! One last Thank You to all of our amazing Stylists and to Mama’s Boy Burgers! We are also so blessed to have our amazing NY parks that are oh, so beautiful!

Check out more behind the scenes on our Instagram: HERE


Amber j Teens

top braid by Sierra Devlin from Just Teaze


Amber J Teens

Soft curls and braids by Glory Addie


Amber J Teens

fishtail braid by 560 salon


Amber J Teens

makeup time with Sierra


Amber J Teens

when you tell girls to bring a change of clothes lol…


Amber J Teens

Mama’s Boy Burgers has the best ice cream!!


Amber J Teens

Lots of smiles… Emily has the best laugh!


Amber J Teens

..and silly times!


Amber J Teens

who doesnt want ice cream on a hot day??


Amber J Teens

getting the shot set up!


Amber J Teens

we love floppy hats and sunglasses!!!


Amber J Teens


Amber J Teens



Amber J Teens

time for some head shots!


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