Olive Toast! What’s Your Paint Chip Color? {Happy Father’s Day}

Most of us share some sort of physical attribute with family members, be it the “family nose” or “chin” or something that is passed from generation to generation. Teen Model Rep, Kayla, and her Dad, Dane; share an eye color. Its an intense mix of golds, greens and some brilliant ambers… they let me know its got a name, its called “Olive Toast”! I tried to look it up but it is not a current color, the new vogue names are Olive Branch or the all new Olive Grove… but neither of these was quiet like Kayla and Danes sparkly eyes! They have caused me to look for my own and my sons too…no luck here yet, but it makes paint shopping more fun for all involved! lol So, whats your paint chip color? This might just be a conversation starter…

No mater what you share and who you share it with, we hope you will all have a very Happy Fathers Day! Love Shelly & Amber


Amber J Teens

and that folks, is the color of olive toast! gorgeous!

New Edits-5eyes web

Amber J Teens


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