Julia, Nicole & Amelia… Pretty Girls Names Right? {A LuLaRoe Photo Shoot}

Nope! They are fabulous dresses! Made of that same super soft material and wonderful patterns by LuLaRoe! This was the second part to our exciting and fast moving project with Michelle. Some of the styles and patterns may have brought our teens a bit out of their comfort zones but in the end they all looked amazing!!! Please enjoy our photos and if you have questions about these fun styles you can contact Michelle here:

Michelle Bartholomew, luluaroemichellebartholomew@gmail.com FB & Instagram: lularoemichellebartholomew

Follow us on Instagram: HERE

Amber J Teens


the Julia can be folded up and worn with leggings!


so many fun skirts too!


dresses can be worn all in one or rolled down as a skirt


layer with denim or other pieces you already own

Lularoe-35w Lularoe-33w Lularoe-30w Lularoe-27w Lularoe-25w Lularoe-23w Lularoe-21w Lularoe-14w Lularoe-12w Lularoe-9w Lularoe-8w Lularoe-6w Lularoe-5w Lularoe-4w Lularoe-3w Amber J Teens


Interested in our program, get more info here:


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