Izzy & Her Dad Ed {Honoring Dads: Part 2}

Ok, so sometimes we might ask you to do awkward stuff! lol Our teen model reps just love it! Uhm, not really! But down the road they will be glad we did… sometimes posing or just being in photos is uncomfortable for people. I get that, I really do. But you cant get those awesome images you will cherish years and decades, maybe even generations later if you don’t take a deep breath and just have a little fun for now! 😉

Izzy and her dad shared such a moment and I was able to stop laughing long enough to capture this fun behind the scenes shot while they sorted  themselves out! After a couple of deep breaths and, “Oh gosh I hope my friends don’t see this!”, moments we got it right and the images are totally precious and so was this brief time spent together. What was awesome about photographing Izzy and Ed is that Iz has two little sisters and so I know she doesn’t often get her dad to herself. As the older sister, she has to share everything, all the time. For just this little bit of time, she had her dad all to herself! Thanks for sharing this little piece of this years adventure with me!

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Amber J Teens

uhm, Shelly, what??? lol



Amber j Teens


Amber J Teens

Amber J Teens


Amber J Teens


Amber J Teens


Want a portrait session with your dad or the guy that you will Honor this Fathers Day?





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