Amber J Teens {Celebrating Moms: Part 4: Its Not Too Late!}

Its not too late!

Haven’t figured out what to get Mom for Mothers Day? Book your session today! Form at the bottom of the page!

As we wrap up our Celebrating Moms series we are in the works of planning our next fun projects. The biggest project of the year is our styled session…check back soon to see what we have planned this year! Please enjoy this last group of Model Reps with their moms!! View the video here: Don’t forget to subscribe to our new channel so you don’t miss a thing!


Amber J Teens

Kayla and her mom Becky

Amber J Teens


Becky to her daughter: “I am thankful every day for all of the Blessings in my life. Kayla is one of those Blessings!”

Kayla to her mom: “Dad still makes the better grilled cheese…lol…but she always does her best to see from my point of view and gives me the best advice!”


Amber J Teens

Brooke and her mom Tammy

Amber J Teens


Tammy to Brooke: “… my constant encouragement to follow her dreams!”

Brooke to her mom: “I love the way she always encourages me and has been there when I needed her..”


Amber J Teens

Allie and her mom Georgette

Amber J Teens


Georgette to Allie: “I want her to remember me for my strength!”

Allie to her mom: “She has the biggest heart ever and is the most compassionate and caring person I know. I really hope to be as amazing as her someday!”


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