Amber J Teens {Celebrating Moms: Part 2}

For our next three posts I wanted to say thank you to our amazing moms, who support and love us no matter what! Please welcome our first four models and their moms! I cant wait to see where this years adventure takes them… 

I love to ask my reps and their families for their opinions, this project was something closer to home however. When we come together we realize we are not alone, we are all in this crazy thing called life together…and we are not all that different. Their answers, which they have graciously allowed me to share, show extreme common threads… we love our children and want the best for them, and our teens, who are sorting themselves out in this world, may say or do things that we have forgotten we did or said too… but the love is always there. We asked them to each answer these questions: Moms: What is the one thing you want your daughter to remember you for? Daughters: What is the one thing you want your mom to know you feel about her, but she might not know?? So, as you get ready to celebrate Mothers Day, why don’t you go ahead and answer them for yoursleves as well.

Amber J Teens

Maggie and her Mom, Amanda

Amber J Teens

Amanda to Maggie: “One thing I want my daughter to remember me for is that I was always willing to do “whatever it takes”; for my church, for my work, for my family and especially for her. I know sometimes it makes her crazy but loving and living with passion and determination to see those around me happy is the only way I know how to do it. Never let anything stop you from doing what you know is right. I also want her to always remember that being her mother is the greatest gift God ever gave to me. I love you my princess-girl!”

Maggie wants her mom to know: ” I love her even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it!”

Amber J Teens

Emma and her Mom, Alicia


Amber J Teens

Alicia to Emma: “… I did my best to make her childhood a memorable one!”

Emma wants her mom to know: “Even when I say I hate her if I don’t get my way or what I wanted, I will always love her.”


Amber J Teens

Lauren and her Mom Deirde


Amber J Teens


Deidre to Lauren: ” I love being her mom but also the Lewis Party Bus. Many good times have been shared with my kids and their friends as I’ve carted them to sporting events.”

Lauren wants her mom to know: “I appreciate everything she does and I’m there for her if she needs to talk!”


Amber J Teens

Isabel and her Mom Jennifer

Amber J Teens

Jennifer to Isabel: ” How much I truly love each of my children for who they are…”

Isabel wants her mom to know: “I feel proud of her for taking a job and having to take care of 3 monsters!”


For more Celebrating Moms, come back tomorrow!!! 🙂



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