Introducing 2016 Amber J Teen Model: Allie!

And last, but definitely not least! Rounding our our team of amazing 2016 models is ayeeeee.its.allie! Allie!! That’s the perfect handle for this model rep… back for the third year: she just cant get enough of us! lol Actually, we cant get enough of her! 😉 I have also known Allie for quite a long time and her passion for all things animals, especially the purring and roaring kind won me over at our first conversation all those years ago! She is an athlete at heart and strives for excellence in all the things she does. She is also a lover of all things volleyball, vogue, and singing! Getting to know her and her amazing family in the time in between has been such a blessing and I now strive to get to know each of our models and their families just as well. We become one big family for the year! So, if you would like to get out of your comfort zone, meet some new incredible people, this program might just be right for you too! <3<3<3


Amber J Teens


Find our more about our awesome rep program here:

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