Celebrating Moms {We Did A Little Experiment}

I learn so much from the teens who model for us and their families. I have heard all of the typical excuses as to why moms aren’t in photos, my own mom says them; and now I’ve taken up the mantra myself. We have all done it and heard it… my hairs not done, I didn’t dress for it or I still have a few pounds I want to lose. (Do you have your skinny lens on? Or my personal favorite… “I might just break your camera”) OK ladies, I hate it too..its why I’m behind the camera, I totally get it, I really do! More on that here: I don’t have pictures of my mom However, believe it or not, these images are not for you… they are for your kids, and they will love you for it! They may roll their eyes, or giggle and be awkward, but once you all relax it will be fun: I promise! And even better than the lasting images you will have is the memory of the moment you shared. Where all was right with the world and she was your little girl once again, if only for a moment. She might actually be taller than you now, when did that happen? Before too long you will be sending them off to college. I know, I watch the years fly past. My baby is 11, 11, how does that happen!? So, before that time slips past, do not worry about your laugh lines (no wrinkles here) messy hair, rumpled t-shirt, or no makeup… and, of course I use my skinny lens, so hop in those pictures and hop in often!

The Experiment:

1. I asked moms and daughters to hop in a photo together with no direction The Result: A generic photo you could take on your phone

2. I asked moms and their daughters to snuggle The Result: What??? Did you just ask us to do? And in public? With people watching??

3. Relax and hold on tight Result: Priceless

You will be asked to do this again at some point this year, so; let the adventure begin…

* a huge thanks to our willing, and not so willing participants! lol No teens were actually harmed in this experiment…

Amber J Teens

STEP ONE: REGULAR POSE                                                                                  Isabel and her mom, Jennifer



STEP TWO: YOU WANT US TO WHAT??                                    Maggie and her mom, Amanda


Amber J Teens

STEP THREE: HOLD ON TIGHT                                                    Brooke and her mom, Tammy


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