Why We Love Teen Photography

You might dismiss this age as awkward. Chubby cheeks are fading, independence is increasing, even those attitudes are changing! ;0) They are more than ready to take on the world with their bright enthusiasm and amazing ideas! They love fashion, know what is trending and have so much passion for the things they love (though that’s changing every day) and somehow we tend to miss it… it all blows by in the blink of an eye! Your mind is on the next stage, senior year, College and beyond.

So let’s stop for a moment, let’s slow things down for this space in time. Through a consultation and questionnaires we offer your teen the portraiture they desire and deserve. We are a full service photography studio that caters to our teen cliental with on location sessions that can include hair and enhancing (not glamor) makeup. We customize each session to balance what the teen loves and what mom has her heart set on as well. Oh and we are easily bribed with chocolate and coffee if there is something you want added to your session but is not included!

Take a look at your teen today and embrace what’s happening right in front of you, the sunset of childhood and dawn of adulthood.


Having fun is very important to us!!!


I love close ups!


Its all about the experience!


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